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By submitting this form I am ordering a seven days free trial membership to Family Safety Club. After your 7-day FREE trial period it's just per month for all the Sex Offender Reports you need. Remember, you can contact Family Safety Club within the first 7 days to cancel, and you will not be charged/debited. To ensure continuous service Family Safety Club, at the end of your trial period your membership will be automatically charged/debited each month at the then-current membership fee on the credit card you provide today. If for any reason you are dissatisfied, you can cancel membership here or by calling Family Safety Club toll-free at 1-888-484-9684 and you'll no longer be charged/debited.


The testimonials below reflect the sentiment of customers who have obtained this product. If you find our service useful in any way, please let us now. Together, with your endorsement, we'll be able to help prevent further such tragedies to families across America.

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  • "This product really surprised me. I thought because it was free that it would be limited in the scope of information it would provide me, but this was far from the case. I recommend this program to anyone who is looking for information about sex offenders."

    — Doug Stevens. Akron, OH

  • "The second a sex offender struck in my neighborhood, I went online to search for some sort of aide against these criminals. The first product i found was this one and I have yet to be disappointed. Like clockwork i get updated reports on any sex offender coming into my neighborhood, with a full profile including their picture, location and m.o. Thanks to this product I feel like my family is truly safe and I can finally get a good night's sleep!"

    — Paul Jones. Louisville, KY

  • "I am really happy i found this product. I feel that I have found a resource that has solved all my family protection problems. Their 24 hour hotline has come in handy on a number of occasions, and thanks to the sex offender reports my family has already averted a potential disaster. This is a great precautionary tool and is a must have for any family."

    — Sam Finch. Houston, TX

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